Why intersex are not part of society?

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Sidra has been living in a small and poor village of Pakistan named Barki since her childhood. She is only 10 years old intersex and the only daughter of her family in fact granddaughter. Her parents love her very much and never let her knew about her identity. Austani of the intersex group and her parents knew her reality. Austani tried to kidnap her, fortunately, her parents always saved her. Her parents had kept the reality hidden from relatives and villagers. Austani also kept silent because she wanted to snatch a huge amount from her parents by blackmailing them. Sidra’s parents are not well off. they cannot afford that amount. Now Austani had revealed her secret to her group of intersex. After getting the refusal of that amount. Then the group of intersex revealed secrets among the villagers.

Villagers started hating and mistreating her. Even her grandpa started to hate her. Austani and her group came to escape her into their world. She was confused about what was going on around her. Her parents were dishearted due to that incident. Austani taught the Sidra we are intersex. We are not a part of that society. Society will never accept us. Now you have to spend your life according to our life. You have to resign the interest of love. Now she is spending a life that is deprived of respect and spending her life dancing. She cannot meet with her parents because she taught that she was not a part of that society.

The villagers laugh at her because she was intersex. Boys harassed her. Her parents wanted to meet her at that time. they could do this because she is an intersex. When she bought something from the shop. The shopkeeper jeered her.

First of all, we are humans then we are male, female, or intersex then we are Muslims, Shreyas, kafirs, — — —. firstly give importance to humanity than to the other things. Please give rights to the intersex because they are also humans. We all have a relationship of humanity and kindness with each other. As a human, we all have mutual relations with each other. Do not forget the divinity and sense of humanity for each other. Because without humanity we are hollow, soulless.




I am a flowery kid of I.C.S. My hobby is to make crafts. I want to become an independent lady.

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Jaweria Iqbal

Jaweria Iqbal

I am a flowery kid of I.C.S. My hobby is to make crafts. I want to become an independent lady.

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